In order to qualify to buy a car from Community Auto you must meet the following requirements.

1. You must work 25+ hours per week and provide proof of current income.

2. You must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

3. You must be insurable and not have insurance violations with the DMV.

4. You must have $2,000-$3,500 available to purchase a vehicle and provide proof of available funds.

5. You must make 250 percent or less than the Federal Poverty Guideline.

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Community Auto does not provide financing. Financing is available from our partners at Ways to Work. Visit or call 1-866-965-5929 for more information about Ways to Work vehicle loans.   Allegheny County residents can also contact: Hebrew Free Loan Association of Pittsburgh. 412-422-8868 or  (HFLA requires Allegheny County Residents and a Co-signer that owns property in Allegheny County) Bartko Foundation provides grants to Single Minority Mothers at 412-371-1142 or .